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Speaking out when you see injustice or intolerance can be a difficult thing to do, and it is important that you never put yourself in danger when you choose to speak up. However, there are many ways you can speak out positively and safely today. You can challenge the language of hatred through social media, avoiding using terms of derision and by joining peaceful protests or demonstrations.

On Holocaust Memorial Day 2012, you can take inspiration from the past to help you Speak Up, Speak Out. These six people below spoke out for what they believed in during some of the darkest times in human history. In the UK today, we do not face such extraordinary choices, but we can all do our bit to ensure that the lessons of the past are not forgotten, and that our future is safer and better for it.

Brian Steidle
Chum Mey
General Romeo Dallaire
Pierre Seel
Steven and Leonard Frank
Lord Owen
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